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As experts in foam control, Charis Technology recognise that each customer will need individual design attention in the structure of their foam control system and in its interfacing within the production environment. With over 15 years of experience we believe our wide design, production and installation experience makes us your ideal partner in foam control and level measurement. Below are just some of the areas in which our products can be found.

Pharmaceutical. The reason Charis were originally formed was to help control foam in the pharmaceutical industry, which is why we are leaders in this field.

Industrial Wastewater. Charis Foam Control Systems are increasingly being used to help predict and control foaming in industrial wastewater applications.

Municipal Wastewater. Charis products are at work throughout the Municipal wastewater industry with companies such as Southern Water, Thames Water and East Anglian Water.

Anaerobic Digestion. the breakdown of biodegradable material by micro-organisms in the absence of oxygen, is becoming increasingly important in a 'recyclable world'. Charis Foam Control Systems are helping to make the process more efficient.

Food and Drink. From rapid vacuum cooling to sugar beet production Charis can help with foam control.

Paint. Charis's DiFoam range helps foam control in paint and resin manufacture.

Chemical. With an ability to provide sensors for water based and non-water based applications Charis can handle more foam control problems than any other company.

Petrochemicals. A small but important market for Charis Foam Control Systems.

Vetinary. Charis products are in use in both laboratory and production environments.

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