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The rapid vacuum cooling of pie fillings or similar food products often results in rapid foaming, causing serious damage to the vacuum pumps and expensive loss of product. This simple drawing shows how a Charis SureSense System can automatically control foaming during the cooling process.

The cooking vessel containing the food under process is fitted with a vacuum pump to withdraw the steam and hot gases generated when the food is rapidly cooled. The cooling process quickly generates foam which if not controlled can be sucked into the vacuum pump, damaging the pump and contaminating the food.

The Charis Foam Probe will sense the presence of foam as soon as it starts to form and signal the FCW2 controller. The FCW2 is used to control a valve in the vacuum line to reduce the vacuum, which in turn reduces the foam. As soon as the foam reaches an acceptable level the controller adjusts the valve to start the vacuum process again. This cycle continues until the food has cooled to a level where further cooling no longer generates foam.

Another example of the use of Charis Foam Control systems is in the processing of sugar beet. This has a high foaming tendency during the process to extract sugar from the sugar beet, which must be controlled using antifoam agents. The scale of the process can lead to expensive loss of equipment and product if the foaming is not controlled, but in turn this can lead to considerable expense in antifoam if it is added on an ad-hoc basis. By using a Charis Foam Control system the antifoam is added only when needed thus reducing antifoam costs and improving the throughput.

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