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Charis at Work.....Industrial Waste Water

Industrial waste water applications can vary greatly but one UK car manufacturer found the addition of Charis Foam Control equipment a definite bonus in their spray plant. During the spray process the air in the spray booth is continually filtered to remove the fine paint droplets not attached to the car body. This air is filtered through water which collects the paint. A flocculant is added to the water to encourage the collected paint to sink to the bottom of the tank, but unfortunately the chemical showed a tendency to foam. To compound the problem the tank has to be washed out at least once a week to remove the paint residue.

The solution was to supply and fit a Charis SureSense Foam and Level Control system. While the plant is in normal operation the system controls the foam by adding antifoam on an as-and-when needed basis rather than continually. Had this only been a foam control system then when the tank is washed out and the sensor submerged in water it would continually pumped antifoam until the water level dropped below the tip of the probe. By using the level control facility of the SureSense FLCW2 controller, as soon as the water level reaches the tip of the probe the controller signals the antifoam pump to switch off. It will then remain off until such times as the water level drops clear of the probe, at which point it reverts to the foam control status.

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