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Charis at Work.....Municipal Waste Water

Municipal waste water in the UK is often treated by using Anaerobic Bio-digesters, which are essentially very large fermenters, to reduce the volume and mass of the inflow. As methane is produced as part of the process the digesters are classed as hazardous areas and require equipment to ATEX (Explosive Atmospheres) specification. The organism used in the digesters is, in some cases, prone to generate foam, which can cause problems including 'foam-overs' which require a lot of work and expense to clear up.

Working with various Water Authorities in the UK, Charis Technology has developed a Foam Control system consisting of an adjustable foam sensor which enters the digester vessel through a special fitting with an isolating valve. The sensor is connected to a Charis Foam Controller via a zener barrier, and the Controller is interfaced into the client's own system. The benefits in savings in antifoam, increased efficiency of the process and saving of staff time has been significant.To see a short Powerpoint presentation showing basic foam control in a digester click here (opens in new window). For further details see our application section on Anaerobic Digesters.

Another area where Charis Foam Control Systems have found use is in the centrifuge process for removing liquid from the residual solids in waste water processes. The action of the centrifuge pump creates foam which again can be effectively controlled using Charis foam technology.

The Charis Foam Tendency Analyser has the ability to predict the formation of foam by continually sampling a process. It is particularly useful in areas where space is limited or regular access is difficult. Once the production of foam is predicted the FTA can inject antifoam using its own integral pump, or it can signal the client's process controller to add antifoam.

If you feel that Charis Technology could help you control your foam problems in a cost effective and reliable manner please contact us.

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