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A large, well known U.S. diagnostic pharmaceutical manufacturer were having problems with foam control in a production fermenter. The fitting of a Charis Foam Control system had immediate effect in cost saving and efficiency. Within a week antifoam use had dropped by 40% and product yield rose by 15%. On investigation it was found that the pre Charis system had been adding too much antifoam which had significantly reduced the efficiency of the process. Due to Charis's unique IMA®Sensing technology the foam probe remains active even when fouled with product or residual foam thus ensuring accurate dosing of antifoam under all conditions.

One of the problems with generated foam is that it can significantly reduce the amount of headspace in a fermenter, causing a reduction in product volume and thus a reduction in effective through-put. By installing a Charis Foam Control system a major British pharmaceutical company reduced its foam problem and increased production through-put, giving a significant saving in antifoam use together with a increase in production efficiency.

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