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Foam Tendency Analyser
Foam tendency is a measure of the ability of a process liquid to create foam given adequate conditions of aeration or agitation.

The Foam Tendency Analyser (FTA) is our pre-emptive approach to foam control. Instead of measuring the foam created our FTA can predict that foam will occur in advance and take the appropriate action before any significant build up occurs.
The FTA continually samples the process liquid and creates foam inside a small test chamber. The foam is then measured and action can be taken as a result.

The FTA includes sampling pumps and an antifoam pump to control the foam. If required the antifoam pump can be replaced by an intelligent interface to your own process controller.

The Foam Tendency Analyser is particularly useful where there is no space for a normal sensor or in inaccessible locations such as underground sewers.
Applications have included bearing coolant on turbines where foaming can cause lack of lubrication and damage, and water features such as fountains where the introduction of foaming agents such as liquid soap can prove both costly and messy.

To download a data sheet for our FTA please visit the download page.

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