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The MultiSense Range
an exciting new concept in level sensing.

MultiSense uses an array of small sensors built into one body with each separate micro-sensor measuring the material adjacent to it. This allows very high accuracy and enables a number of separate parameters to be measured simultaneously.

MultiSense can measure and control liquid and ignore any foam, or measure both liquid and foam giving separate indications of each. It can also be used to just measure foam level precisely over a wide range in processes where foam level is critical. The micro-sensors will also detect interfaces between phases in the material, e.g. liquid and foam or different liquids.

The system makes use of the Charis proprietary IMA Sensing® technology to give fouling immunity and high precision. The MultiSense sensor array can be supplied in a variety of lengths and fittings, and with varying numbers of sensors depending upon the application requirements.

MultiSense has its own dedicated microprocessor based control system connected to the sensor array by special cables. Click HERE for details.

Applications for our MultiSense systems have been found in Bioreactor foam control, Water Treatment level control, De-Inking Flotation Processes, Mineral Recovery, Foam Control on varying liquid levels, and Liquid level control.
To download more details of our MultiSense sensors and dedicated controller please visit the downloads page

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